Blogs Worth Checking Out

Tabula Rasa

As we grow older and move from one phase of our lives to another we can sometimes feel lost and overwhelmed. Leaving school and entering the working world can be particularly challenging. The author of Tabula Rasa understands these feelings and has created a blog to help you, yes you, navigate the uncharted territories of your new chapter in life.

Three Little Birds

A blog that addresses a lot of the issues that young adults face in life and support in facing those issues. Jonetta Charles writes heartfelt and thought inspiring posts that makes you feel a little less alone in the world. As her blog proclaims, “everything little things is alright.”

Zoe’s Clothes

Join Zoe on the fashion runway that is her life. A love for clothes and a knack for style, along with definite self-confidence define this British young adult. Her blog shows a record of all the outfits she puts together and the life she lives in the process. Her confidence can be an inspiration to everyone.


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