Comfortable heels

Darly gives some really great advice on how to make wearing heels more comfortable, especially if you’re new to heels or don’t wear them often. Just had to share this.


Hello my lovely readers,

Today I wanted to write a short blog post sharing with you how do I choose comfortable heels and how do I make them even more comfortable. I will post some images of my heels to illustrate my advices.

First of all I would like to share with you that I’m the kind of person that really values being comfortable, so I only wear heels when I want to dress up a little more or on special occasions.

So my first tip for you is not buying very high heels. I know now there are some really high heels that have a  platform which make them more comfortable, but anyways it’s much more difficult to walk on those kind of heels. All of my heels are around 7 cm, which for my point of view it’s enough height.


Even though it’s difficult to find platform in…

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