Learning About Make-Up

Good night everyone. Today continues my journey of physical discovery and now I enter the truly murky waters of “make-up”. Now when I was younger I swore I’d never wear make-up and I still hardly do, but sometimes I want to look a little nice and a little above ordinary. My first thought – eyeshadow. Why? Because I’ve secretly loved the idea of eyeshadow for quite some time, but I’d never indulged because of the “I’m never going to wear make-up promise.” So, I bought my first eyeshadow set last Christmas and after trying the colours about three different times I put it aside and this year gave it away. I don’t know exactly what I was doing wrong, but I looked more like a child playing in their mom’s make-up kit than a mature adult.

After talking to my sister about my dilemma, she said I was using the wrong colours. Okay, then how do I know what colours  to buy. Imogen on her style blog has fortunately addressed this issue. According to her, for my cool complexion and brown eyes I should wear blue, navy, silver, pink, forest green, and teal. I suppose the difference is that I wear cool versions of those colours and not warm ones so that they  complement me and don’t contrast to make me look like a circus attraction.

Well how about eyeliner you might say, with a little mascara. Now my sister loves eyeliner and is always wearing it. She would love to have me wear it, but I refuse. Why? I find black eyeliner makes me look like a zombie. You know, with dark rings around my eyes. So that’s a no-no. The thing is that I already have thick, long eyelashes. I don’t think I need to add to them.

Zombie EyesNow you might be wondering how did I reach eye make-up without the basics first. I don’t own foundation, or concealer, or primer and though my mum bought me a powder last month I’ve worn it maybe twice and decided I’m wasting my time putting it on. Are you thinking, girl/woman, what’s wrong with you? My response – I don’t want to gunk up my skin and I like to give it room to breathe. Also, I think its just a bit ridiculous that a person would spend a whole lot of time putting on moisturizer, then concealer or toner or whatever it is they use, then foundation, then powder (How to Wear Make Up). I mean, that’s a lot of different products that you are putting over each other, on your face. Then people complain about acne and use a whole other set of products to treat it. Froelich in “5 Benefits of Not Wearing Makeup” talks about how her acne was less severe when she stopped wearing makeup and says that “makeup is toxic” and by not wearing makeup or wearing less makeup, you get cleaner, healthier skin. I just don’t want to feel as if I’m being bombarded with a ton of beauty products that I supposedly need.

Make-Up AttackSo, as you might have come to realise my make-up kit is pretty non-existent. Although I do own two tubes of lipstick. A neutral one for work and a pinkish one for going out. I figure that lipstick its a move up from lip-gloss and may look a bit more sophisticated. Unfortunately, in my goal of wanting to look my age, people keep suggesting make-up and say that lipstick isn’t enough. Will I give it another go? I don’t know yet. I do think I’ll stick with my lipstick and maybe get some expert advice on what I wear for special occasions when I want to look a little pretty, but mature. They also have to consider the fact that I wear glasses. Purple framed glasses. There’s a challenge for them. I’ll let you know about my make-up journey when I decide to continue it.


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