These Shoes Were Made To Journey

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back. In this weeks post the journey of physical discovery continues. In my first post for this section I wrote about discovering my hair-style because a person’s face and their hair is one of the first things people notice. The other thing that often stands out. Your shoes. Yep. You know  how the saying goes, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. This basically constitutes the complete package. Minus the extras of accessories which are optional. Back to the topic. My journey to find the perfect pair of shoes has been a long and tiresome one with many disappointments and a few tears. Why? Well, I have long feet, but they are also narrow, I have back issues so I can’t wear anything with too much of an incline and I have sensitive skin on my feet so they are bruised very easily. So almost every shoe that I’m ever tried on has some problem associated with it. Now while, not everyone would have so many issues, most people have some hindrance in finding the right shoe.

Many ShoesWith so many shoes out there one would think it would be easy to find that perfect shoe, but honestly, many of them are mere versions of each other and if one type causes a problem, then any shoe that falls in that category is likely to cause a problem. To better explain my point I’m going to begin by listing some of the basic (at least it’s supposed to be basic) type of shoes there are for women:

  • Sandals
  • Pumps
  • Oxfords or Loafers
  • Ballet Flats
  • Boots
  • Sneakers

Black Platform Sandals     Tan-Brown Oxfords

To add to the this, there are many variations of each type, possibly more types that I don’t know about, and different types are deemed suitable for different occasions and/or outfits. Sandals and pumps with heels are deemed to be dressy, oxfords, loafers are said to suit pants and are a bit more office wear than casual. Sneakers are extremely casual and some even feel they should be reserved for the Gym. Then boots and ballet flats are a bit more versatile being worn with both dresses and pants, for casual and more polished looks.

In her style blog, Imogen gives advice about building a shoe wardrobe that includes the following basics:

  • A shoe/sandal in your hair colour
  • A pair of dark pumps
  • A selection of flats
  • Oxfords or loafers for trousers
  • A dark, discreet sneaker if you do a lot of walking in commute
  • Boots – short for pants and knee length for skirts
  • Dressy shoes, like a peep-toe
  • A pair of wedges

Now I personally find Imogen’s list a bit lengthy. Its too many shoes for me. The other thing – I can’t wear half of the suggested basics for a shoe collection. How does my collection compare. Well, let’s see:

  • A pair of 1 inch, black, wedge pumps for work
  • A pair of tan ballet flats for slipping on with ease
  • A pair of nude toned ankle boots that I wear when I’m out and about
  • A pair of flat sandals that I wear sometimes
  • And that’s pretty much it

The dressiest shoes I own are my black work shoes and I mainly wear them for work or a wedding or formal event as I don’t have anything else to wear. 🙂 Personally the shoes are fairly comfortable, but I have to wear them with stockings and they still bruise my feet and I can’t stand on them for long periods of time. What I’d like to replace them, a pair of sleek, black, knee-high boots. Flat ones of course, or maybe a half-inch heel. My ballet flats and ankle boots are the most used of my shoes. Main reason, they are both flat. However, my boots win out because they allow me to wear socks. Nice thick socks that cushion my feet and eliminate the “I can’t walk another step, my feet are to sore” problem. The other reason my boots win. I don’t have to worry about my feet getting wet or water getting in my shoe when it rains and there’s puddles of water everywhere. The bottom line, I love boots. They are practical, durable, affordable, comfortable and come in many different styles suitable for different situations and outfits. Boots are quickly becoming my go-to shoes.

Love Boots


Lamport, Imogen. “Essential Shoe Wardrobe.” Inside Out Style Blog. 02 Dec. 2008. Web. 25. Feb. 2015.


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