Unearthing My Professional Self

Good afternoon everyone, this week marks the continuation of my discovery of self in relation to how I dress. Today, I’m going to explore my business style.

Dressing for a job is a tricky field to traverse, especially in this era of constant change. With a barrage of terms such as Business Casual, Smart Casual, and Business Wear its confusing to know what is appropriate for work and what isn’t anymore. Many articles and style consultants constantly refer to business casual, but for someone who lives in a culture with a more conservative work environment Business Casual can be a little too casual in some cases. In this case one can turn to the Smart Casual (also called dressy casual) style of work wear. This style of work wear consists of dress pants or skirts with shirts or dressy tops and a blazer or jacket (Malone). Perfect for work!

As someone who is graduating from University and heading of to the World of Work I’m beginning the journey of discovering my professional self. This involves developing a more sophisticated version of who I am that maintains elements of my style and who I am. Tyler Atwood in his article on how to Make Your Wardrobe More Grown-Up After College gives some great tips on how to achieve a “more refined adult wardrobe.” While I may not personally agree with all seven of the suggestions, most of them are certainly points to take note of:

  • Pay a Visit to the Tailor – The first rule of dressing in a sophisticated manner is the wear clothes that fit and flatter. Most of the clothes on sale in stores and mass produced and since no one’s body fits a cookie-cutter pattern it is certainly a challenge to find clothes that fit you perfectly. There might always be sleeves that are too long or the waist of a pants needs to be taken in or perhaps you need to take in the sides and let out the bust part of a jacket. Maybe a shirt is a little lengthy, but its nothing that a tailor can’t fix. When you either have clothes made for you or tailored to suit you they will fit much better than anything that you bought off the rack and simply put on.
  • Buy Suit Separates – So maybe I’m not into wearing suits, but I still want to look professional. By purchasing separates that I can mix and match I get more variety from my wardrobe and I have more room to express my personality, while still looking professional.

Simple statement necklaces can be as effective as extravagant ones.

  • Find Silhouettes that Suit your Shape – Choosing styles that suit your body type and shape will not only look good on you, but they will make you feel good. When you feel good, you are more confident and confidence is crucial to making it in a professional environment.
  • Don’t Abandon Your Personal Style – I believe that this is one of the most important rules. If you don’t like what you are wearing and you don’t feel like yourself in it, it shows. When you dress in an appropriate way that still reflects who you are, you make a statement to the world and people are more likely to notice you for the right reasons.

Boots for the Office 2


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