Developing My Adult Wardrobe

Good afternoon everyone. Today marks a continuation of the physical aspect of identity with a focus on building an adult wardrobe. As a final year University student I am leaving behind the world of Jeans, T-Shirts, and Sneakers for something a little more sophisticated. While, this doesn’t mean I have to give up wearing Jeans or T-Shirts, the types of these clothing articles and the ways in which I am going to start wearing them will change. No longer do I want to be viewed as a student, but as a mature adult. This is a big change for me and I’m sure for many others, so today I’m going to explore the ways in which I’m going to develop my adult wardrobe.

One of the main reasons that dressing in a mature fashion means so much to me is because I look very young for my age. Most people assume that I am 18 years old on average, with some going all the way down to 16 years old. I am in my mid-twenties and I don’t feel good when people think of me as a teenager. I am an adult, developing an adult life and I need to be seen and respected as one. Since I can’t do anything about my youthful face and as curly hair like mine also sends a message of youth, I need to focus on changing the way I dress. Later in the series I will talk about shoes and accessories, but today my focus is on clothing.

Imogen from Inside Out Style says that one key way to avoid looking a lot younger than you are is to avoid teenaged style clothing. If I dress like an 18 year old then people will assume I am 18, so if I want to be seen as someone in her twenties, then I need to dress accordingly. The question that follows is what is teenaged style clothing? Basically its anything that you associate with the younger generation. So for me that means:

  • Sneakers
  • Graphic / Branded T-Shirts
  • Distressed Jeans
  • Exclusively Trendy Styles
  • Unstructured Clothing
  • Hoodies

Sneakers     Graphic Tee     Hoodie

While keeping my personal style in mind, and my desire for comfort, practicality, and versatility I can focus on these types of clothing instead:

  • Boots – instead of Sneakers
  • Solid T-Shirts with detailing such as a little lace, flattering necklines, etc.
  • Plain Dark-Washed Jeans without the distressing, shreds, and rips.
  • Classic Styles – instead of Trendy Styles
  • Structured and Well-Tailored Clothing
  • Blazers, Cardigans, Jackets – instead of Hoodies

Black Ankle Boots      T-Shirt with Lace     Jersey Knit Wide-Leg Pants

Imogen, in her post on “Dressing Your Age When You Naturally Look Young”, supports the move to simple clothing, with structure, and classic styles.


So, as I move forward on my journey to building my adult wardrobe, I am mostly starting from stratch by throwing out most of my current clothes and getting new ones to suit my new style. Of course, rebuilding an entire wardrobe can be daunting, but I found a Starter Kit Shopping List that I think extremely helpful for me as I begin my journey.

To see how to use the list above correctly and not get bogged down in the details of it check the post “Wardrobe From Scratch, Part 4: The Starter Kit Shopping List” by Audrey. And for more the rest of the Wardrobe from stratch series and general style advice,  check out Audrey’s blog Putting Me Together.

On this note, I’m ending this post and before I go I just want to send a Hi to all my followers. I’m so happy to have people who like this blog and want to follow me, but most of all, I hope it helps you in some way as you walk along your own path of self-discovery. See you next week for my Working Wardrobe.

Miss M.


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